Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

Open Floor Plans

Are you one of those people who likes everything wide open so you can see and move easily from kitchen to dining to living area? Or do you like more privacy and a sense of “my space” instead of “our space”? Are you having trouble deciding on a remodeling strategy or a new home to please everyone in the family? Here are a few pros and cons of open floor plans to help you evaluate what will work best for you.


  • Small children? – If you have small children, it’s easier to know what they are doing and gives them less space to hide and make mischief. You can easily keep an eye on them while making dinner or cleaning up.
  • Entertain a lot? – An open plan can make it easy to host large numbers of people and let them move easily from one space to another. Hosts can more easily mingle with their guests.
  • Family Time – A large open area helps the family to enjoy time together without being on top of each other.
  • Natural Light – Small rooms can be dark, but open spaces will most likely have more windows and light will come from more than one direction.


  • Less Privacy – This is the biggest drawback of open floor plans. Sometimes family togetherness is best served by a little separation.
  • Dirty Dishes – It’s hard to hide the dirty dishes and the dining table that hasn’t been cleaned up after lunch. This can be a problem especially when entertaining.
  • Sound Travels – Just as the light travels in an open plan, so does sound. It might be impossible to have a quiet conversation in the kitchen while the TV is blasting in the living room.
  • Furniture Layout – With few walls, it can be difficult to arrange furniture. There may not be a large enough wall for the TV and it might need to be placed in front of a window. Same applies for bookshelves, storage units, curios, etc.

Each family needs to review their lifestyle and make the decision as to which type of plan works best for them. It’s not a case of one size fits all. Using Graber cabinets for storage in any and all of these rooms can help customize the space so that it is efficient and well utilized. Contact us to see how we can help you design cabinets for the best use of your available floor space.

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