Custom Cabinet Construction

With over 100 years of combined experience, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you from design to the final installation of your custom luxury cabinets.

In a world of mass production and low quality materials our custom cabinets provide an unmatched quality, timeless style, and rugged durability. At Cabinets by Graber, we believe that proper cabinet construction calls for detail, patience, and high quality craftsmanship. Our one of a kind luxury cabinets are constructed with only the finest materials, premium lumber, and are built to last for generations. We use traditional mortise and tenon joinery in all of our door construction and dovetail joinery in door box assembly. Additionally, all cabinet bottoms, tops, and backs are constructed with sturdy 1/2” maple ply, with the sides and shelving using 3/4” maple ply.

Beauty, quality, and functionality are the cornerstones of the work performed at Cabinets by Graber.

  • All cabinets are handcrafted with solid hardwoods and veneer core ply.
  • The face frame and nailer strips are all 3/4″ solid wood
  • Drawer boxes are 5/8″ solid maple with dovetail joinery
  • All Doors are reinforced
  • Cabinet Sides are all 3/4″ Maple ply
  • Cabinet bottoms, tops, and backs are 1/2″ maple ply
  • Shelving is 3/4″ thick maple ply
  • Exposed shelves are 1 1/4″ thick maple ply
  • Base cabinets have 1/2″ maple dust cover

Solid Foundations

The foundation of all of our custom luxury cabinets is constructed with premium lumber and sturdy veneer core hardwood plywood. The interior box of the cabinet foundation is built with 1/2″ VC Plywood on the sides and 1/4″ VC Plywood on the back. By utilizing this type of structural assembly, our cabinet boxes have distinct advantages in both strength and durability.

Sturdy & Accurate Frame

Cabinet frame construction is an essential part of the overall quality and stability of your custom luxury cabinets. Proper frame construction ensures doors and drawers fit appropriately and function accordingly. At Cabinets by Graber, we reinforce our cabinet frame construction by utilizing two wooden dowels in each corner. This not only provides the most accurate and strongest frame construction, it also helps extend life of your cabinets for generations to come .

High-Performance Doors

At Cabinets by Graber we use the traditional mortise and tenon joinery in all of our cabinet door construction. For added strength and reinforcement, each corner of the door assembly is single wood doweled. All of our cabinet doors are custom built and are available in countless styles and variations. Additionally, our team of master craftsman has the experience and precision required to utilize a beaded inset on your cabinet doors.

Flexible Door Frames

Wood will naturally expand and contract throughout the years. Often, if cabinets are not made well the construction method used doesn’t allow for the expanding and contracting of the panels in your door. This can potentially cause shifting of the panel and possible cracking and splitting. To avoid this we place silicone rubber balls inside the frame of the cabinet door to cushion the panel as it expands and contracts keeping the panel from shifting.

Silky-Smooth Dovetailed Drawers

Cabinet drawers are possibly the single most utilized component of your kitchen cabinetry. We handcraft all of our cabinet drawers entirely from 5/8’ premium maple and employ dovetailed construction techniques to ensure accuracy.
To guarantee maximum storage capacity and functionality, we apply an invisible under mount guide system on all of our custom luxury cabinets. Featuring full extension and self closure capabilities, our drawer guide system will consistently provide smooth opening and closing.

Get Inspired

If you can dream it, we can build it. We use a wide array of wood species from all over the world, we've designed many door styles that range from ultra-minimal to old-style baroque, and have over 80 different finishes to choose from. The combinations are nearly unlimited, and if you don't see exactly what you want, we can customize something just for you.

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